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Skillvi Technology Pvt. Ltd. The payment terms are strictly 10 days from the date of invoice and these terms will be strictly enforced. Upon accepting an offer for website development, graphic design or programming work, we will issue an invoice for 50% of the total fee quoted, payable immediately and prior to any work or draft being delivered to the customer. The balance amount of all charges for the project is payable within 10 days from the receipt of the final invoice.

Customer will reimburse incidental expenses including transportation cost, express courier or mailing cost, other charges. In addition to the initial consultation, the time spent for the meeting is billed at the rate of one hour at the request of the clients, with travel time being billed at the rate of 1/2 hour. Invoice will be issued:

Upon customer acceptance of the terms of the project proposal (50% deposit) and

Upon completion of the contract (remaining and any additional un-quoted work)

It is not our duty to take cheque/payment on your behalf, you should deposit it in our account.

Any deposit paid to us and/or the promised delivery time for the quoted work is forfeited in full if a period of 90 days or more elapses in which the project is insufficient or due to any reason from the Client. Does not proceed due to no contact, whether under the control of customers or not.

It is the Client's responsibility to deliver any material (such as copy, images) necessary to carry out any work, unless we expressly and in writing take our account of sourcing any such material And we will not take any responsibility for any delay or forfeiture. Due to non-delivery of such material. Please note that it is not our policy to accept putting projects on hold and that the Client should take steps to ensure that sufficient means are available to complete a project once a contract is entered into.

Deposit invoices for accepted proposals are payable immediately, and commencement of a contract proper cannot take place until such deposit is received and cleared in our account. Credit terms on final or intermediate invoices are strictly 10 days on invoice date. We reserves the right to impose an interest surcharge of 5% over bank base rates on any balances outstanding after 14 days. All amounts due to us shall be paid in full immediately when due without any deductions in respect of any claim, counterclaim or set-off. We reserve the right to terminate without notice the service of any client who is in breach of these clear and unambiguous payment terms.


As Skillvi Technology Pvt. Ltd. only offers remote services, where a System Administrators time is the only real product, there are no "Delivery Charges". If a job requires travel, this will be agreed before hand and appropriate expenses included in the quote for work. (Mostly, all support are given online)


As web development is a task of time, where the finished product is a provisioned and deployed, once Skillvi Technology Pvt. Ltd. has started on a task we cannot offer a refund.

However, if Skillvi Technology Pvt. Ltd. is unable to complete the task due to problems on our end, we will first communicate with the client to work out the best solution and, if appropriate, we will offer a full refund if we have only spent a short amount of time on the task as a whole. It is our aim to always keep communication channels open so as to avoid these scenarios completely.

If you have a recurring service with Skillvi Technology Pvt. Ltd., all charges are paid in advance during the billing cycle and are non-refundable. For billing cycles of 1 month or longer, and where a refund has been requested, please see below regarding cancellation.


Skillvi Technology Pvt. Ltd. does not offer a returns policy due to the fact that our work is based on Time, and due to the laws of the universe, we cannot currently return time (that is impossible ! )


We appreciate that sometimes clients make mistakes when ordering services, or may change their mind before we start working on the project. If this is the case, simply contact us at the soonest possible instance before we commence work, and we will gladly cancel the service and offer a full refund. If we have already started and are a considerable way into the task, we reserve the right to request payment for at least the time spent working on the project.

Skillvi Technology Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee on projects of $100 or above if cancelled with less than 48 hours before Skillvi Technology Pvt. Ltd. is due to commence work, this will generally be no more than 30% of originally agreed invoice or the forfeit of the initial 50% upfront fee if that was paid.

If you have a service that is recurring with Skillvi Technology Pvt. Ltd. and wish to cancel it, please contact us to let us know at least 7 days before your next billing date and we can terminate your services for you. Please note that services will continue to operate until the next billing date if you have cancelled, but you will not be billed again unless you have other services with us. Therefore, if you cancel mid billing cycle you will get what you paid for, and you dont have to worry about cancelling on an exact date to get the most out of the service.


Normally no Accounts are terminated immediately a suspension notice period expires and are then set for deletion within 48 hours. Once terminated your account ceases to exist. However, customers have been able to resurrect accounts by transferring cleared funds (usually cash payments) into our account before the close of the business day. In such instances we will charge a $25 Reconnection Fee to temporarily remove termination from the account (however, it may be too late - if the account has been deleted no reinstatement will be possible). The account will not be reinstated until this fee is paid in full with cleared funds. Reinstatement of a Terminated account is neither a right nor a contract option - it is carried out at the exclusive discretion of the Director on duty at the time, and only then if the account has not been permanently deleted.

Hosting accounts and domain names are charged for annually in advance and much of the fees for these services are allocated to the administration of those services. If an account is closed before the end of the year paid for there is therefore no entitlement to a pro-rata reimbursement of unused time unless the account/domain name(s) has been paid for more than one year in advance in which case there will be a reimbursement entitlement for any whole year that remains unused on the account.


You will leave us with no choice but to terminate the account to which the invoice refers. You will no longer be able to use our services irrespective to which the invoice refers. Any website or uploaded documents that you have on the account will be unreachable with immediate effect. If your website visitors find a link to your site in a search engine and click on that link they will arrive at a blank page. Any FTP access that you had to your website will be closed. Once your account has been terminated all data on that account (e.g. e-mail and/or website) is automatically removed and cannot be restored(IMAP users please note).

I want to discuss this - there must be some mistake !

Before we Terminate we issue a Suspension Notice, we will have done everything reasonable and proper for a professional business to recover monies owed to us by you. We have sent you invoices. We have probably sent you copy invoices. We have sent you statements. Our accounts department has been available by telephone, fax and e-mail to discuss any inconsistencies or irregularities that you feel may exist in an invoice(s). But once we have issued a Termination Notice the time for discussion is over. Skillvi Technology Pvt. Ltd.s Payment Policy will be rigorously enforced and our advice to you is to pay the outstanding invoice(s) without delay. If you feel there is something to discuss, something which should have been discussed when the invoice(s) was originally issued then please contact our accounts department once your debt has been cleared.


The outstanding balance needs to be paid for with cleared funds. If you decide to send a cheque do so now - we will not be responsible for any postal or bank clearance delays in which case your account may still be terminated. Therefore, to settle the outstanding balance without delay you can make an immediate payment at your own bank

This T & C is only for Credit Control of Company, it does not include your services terms. For every client we have different service deployment policy depends on their services, please contact our business representative for that.


For further information about our policies, or to request copies of your personal information held by us, or to make a complaint about the handling of your personal information, please call us on (+91) +91-8076855472 or email us at [email protected].

You may also contact us to correct any details in your personal information that we hold.


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